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Welcome to the IECG Archives Page ! Here you can download most of the games played in our club during 15 years.

Archivist team

The databases represent of course a lot of hard work by the archivist team, which has seen many volunteers with years:


Most IECG tournaments played by email or via the server in the last 15 years are included in the archives. The tournament specifications are summarized below.

The generic specification is TT.YYYY.S.NNNNN where TT is the tournament type as descibed below, YYYY is the starting year (exception: for the IECG championship it is the year of the final), S defines the tournament stage and NNNNN is the individual tournament number.

TT  Description Media
WC World Championship Mixed
CP Cup Mixed
TE Thematics Email
TG Two Games match Email
Cx Class groups (x=level S to F) Email
Qx Quad groups (x=level S to F) Email
Rx Rapid (x=level T to N) Server
Sx Standard (x=level T to N) Server
Lx Large (discontinued) Email
C1, C2, C3, Q1, Q2, Q3 Class and Quad with the old level scheme (discontinued) Email
R1, R2, R3 Rapid (discontinued) Email

The stage S is either 0 (zero) for a single stage event, P for Preliminary, Q for Quarter-Final, S for Semi-Final, T for Candidate-Final and F for Final.


The databases are provided as Zipped files in two popular chess formats : standard PGN and ChessBase compressed CBV.


Here are the final compilations of games frm the IECG covering its activity period from 1995 to 2010. For any subsequent data, please check the LSS website.

Description Release date Games PGN CBV
All IECG games (complete) 2011/01/23 166659 Download (24 MB) Download (14 MB)

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