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Updates to the Server Crosstables can be found on the server. It includes all IECG Tournaments played on the Server.

The results entered in the crosstables are based on information from the Tournament Secretaries. When the results are entered into the rating database, then the new crosstables are automatically created. Please claim missing results with your TS first, before contacting me! If you contact your TS or myself, please ALWAYS include your IECG MemberID!! Thanks,

Tournaments finished at least two years ago, are no longer available online. We put those files into ZIP-Archives and make these archives available for download.

Hector Mujica, Rating Office

I.- IECG Tournaments

I.1 - IECG World Championships

The year shown is the year of the Final.  

IECG World Championship 1996

IECG World Championship 1997

IECG World Championship 1998

IECG World Championship 1999

IECG World Championship 2000

IECG World Championship 2001

IECG World Championship 2002

IECG World Championship 2003

IECG World Championship 2004

IECG World Championship 2005

IECG World Championship 2006

IECG World Championship 2007 - CANCELED!!

IECG World Championship 2008

IECG World Championship 2009

IECG World Championship 2010
IECG World Championship 2011

 IECG World Championship 2012

IECG World Championship 2013

I.2 - IECG Cup Tournaments

The year shown is the Preliminary Start Year. Grey shaded cells indicate that the complete tournament can be found in the archive (click the link to go the the archive page)

IECG Cup 1995 (-1999)

IECG Cup 1996 (-2000)

IECG Cup 1997 (-2001)

IECG Cup 1998 (-2003)

IECG Cup 1999 (-2004)

 IECG Cup 2000

IECG Cup 2001

IECG Cup 2002

IECG Cup 2003

IECG Cup 2004

IECG Cup 2005 IECG Cup 2006
IECG Cup 2007 IECG Cup 2008
IECG Cup 2009  

I.3 - IECG Class Tournaments (7 Players)  

Class S

Class M

Class A

Class 1

Class B

Class C

Class 2

Class D

Class E

Class 3

Class F

Class N

I.4 - IECG Quad Tournaments (4 Players)

Quad M

Quad A

Quad 1

Quad B

Quad C

Quad 2

Quad D

Quad E

Quad 3

Quad F

Quad N

I.5 - IECG Two Games Matches - TGx


I.6 - IECG Thematic Events (Several Stages, unrated)

TE-001xx(King's Indian E83/E83)

TE-002xx (English A 29)

TE-003xx (Schlieman Defence C63)

TE-004xx(Two Knights Defense C57)

TE-005xx (Classical Stonewall A92)

TE-006xx (Morra Gambit B21) 

TE-007xx (Kings Gambit, Muzio Variation C37)

TE-008xx (Pirc B08)

TE-009xx (Budapester Gambit A52)

TE-010xx (Ruy Lopez, Cordells Defence C64)

TE-011xx (Benoni A60-69)

TE-012xx (Skandinavian B01)

TE-013xx (Sizilian, Four Knight Variation B45 )

TE-014xx (NimzoIndian, 4.f3 variation E20 )

TE-015xx (French, MacCutcheon Variation C12)

TE-016xx (Caro-Kann Advance Variation B12)

TE-017xx (Sokolsky/Orang-Utan A00 1.b4) TE-018xx (Benko Gambit Declined A57)
TE-019xx (Blackmar-Diemer D00) TE-020 (Poncianis Opening C44)
TE-021 (Sicilian Grand Prix Attack B21) TE-022 (Staunton Gambit A68)
TE-023 (Sicilian Alapin Variation B22) TE-024 (Albins Countergambit D08)
TE-025 (Queen's Gambit semi-Slav/Anti-Meran Variation) TE-026 (Nimzowitsch Defense: Kennedy Variation/Hammer Gambit B00)
TE-027 (Caro-Kann, Bronstein Larsen Variation B16)  

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