E-mail Tournament Entry Form

Dear chess friend - thank you for your interest to register in IECG!

Our organization has stopped launching new tournaments played by electronic mail.

Please go playing on the The Lechenicher SchachServer.

This server covers a full range of Tournaments (Tournaments with 40days/10 moves time control, Rapid Tournaments with a 10days+1day/move control) but also Open Groups without Rating Restrictions (mainly for new players, 20days+2 days/move Time Control) and Two-Game-Matches (also at 20days+2days/move), Pyramid, Chess960, the Lechenicher SchachServer Anniversary (30days+2days/move) etc.

We are sure that you will enjoy that place,

Thanks again
Hector Mujica - IECG Chair

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Last updated: 03 October 2009.