IECG Searchable Rating List

This page gives you the chance to search the rating file for entries. It is a simple search, just based on a "grep" command, but it should show you what you need to see. You can search for substrings as well. So, searching for "Ger" will show you all players where "Ger" is at the beginning of the string, e. g. Gerd, Gerhard, Germar etc. See some more information below.

Attention: The Searchable Rating List also generates a list of games finished during the last 12 months before the rating list has been created. If you are looking for games finished before this period, please check the result section. All games listed there are also rated.

You can search for your name, entering it in one of these ways:

  1. Surname only (e. g. Paetzold)
  2. Surname, Firstname (e. g, Paetzold, Ortwin) --- note the blank space!

You will get all games displayed, no matter which version you use! However, version one can give you still lots of "foreign" entries if you share the name with someone else! You can also search for the country, e. g. USA. Then all players from the USA will be displayed. Please note that the search routine is case sensitive, i. e., Fra does not give you all players from France, but all players whose first or last name starts with Fra!

Please enter the Searchstring:

Last modified on Saturday, August 4th, 2001

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