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Last update: November 9th, 2009 - Next update: January 2010

This page directs you to all information concerning rating issues. You can find the following information:

You will notify some changes here: Instead of two Rating Lists, we have created four. Besides the Inactive Player List, which did exist before, we have splitted the Rating List into a list of the Established Players, a list with the Players having a Preliminary rating, based on at least six games, and those players who are new, that means they have finished less than six game and are listed with their original starting rating.

If you have question, please contact our Rating Official (Hector Mujica) at <>. In your message please remember to quote:

  1. Your own MemberID
  2. Exact name (type/number) of the Tournament(s) you refer to
  3. The name of the TS for the tournament(s)
  4. MemberID of all opponents to be discussed

Messages not containing this information will not be considered.

last modified: - July 7th, 2008: Hector Mujica

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